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Friday, January 6, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Old Farm House

End of the day at Esperance WA

 Mesmerising Mildura

By Lisa Milne 

Mildura is definitely the place to catch some of Australia's most stunning sunrises and sunsets. I’m out walking Ayla most evenings and have now made it a habit to take my camera with me so I can share some of the incredible sky displays that we see together.  

Dad riding with the Station Manager at Juna Downs 

Snow Brumbies 

by AmandaH78 

So living alongside the Snowy Mountains has its benefits.
One morning after a heavy snowfall we took a drive up into Bago State Forest. We turned a corner and here was the most amazing herd of brumbies, covered in snow.
The contrasting colours were amazing and although the stallion made his presence known, I still managed to get a whole series of photos...this one being my favourite.
I love the brumbies and getting shots of them in the snow was a huge goal of mine!