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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

St Patrick’s Church, The Rocks, Sydney,
 photo Peter Miller
 Built in the early 1840s, St Patrick’s stands in Sydney’s historic Rocks area, with a history reaching back to the very beginnings of Catholic life in Australia. Inseparably linked with St Patrick’s history is the name of William Davis, an Irishman transported for his part in anti-British uprisings in Ireland in 1798. Davis obtained land in The Rocks in 1809, and in the early years of the colony, when there was no resident priest in Sydney, his home became a centre of Catholic prayer.
 In 1840 William Davis donated the land on which St Patrick’s is built, gifting that section of his 1809 grant bounded by Gloucester and Grosvenor Streets. The foundation stone was blessed on 25 August 1840, and the now elderly Davis astonished everyone when he came forward and placed a cheque for £1000 on the stone, an incredible sum in those days. Davis had prospered over the years through his business ventures, which included interests in grazing and licensed premises. Davis’ donation was matched by an equal grant from the colonial government.

Happy first day of spring by @cm_gau

As you can see by his muddy beak, Mr Spotted Pardalote has been busy excavating his nest hollow in an embankment. Mrs Pardalote had an equally dirty beak, here's hoping their first clutch for the season is successful! 

Cradle Mountain Walk By Rod Howes

At 60 my wife and I took a holiday in Tasmania and enjoyed Cradle Mountain enormously (Oct-Nov 2014). I found that it was not necessary to travel distances or to hike across country to find 'emotional landscapes'.
This one looked like a scene from a Grimm fairy tale. In winter, the moss would be replaced by snow. The twisted branches stopped me in my footsteps. A picture of mystery and another world.
They say 'the world is out there' but equally it is right here.
Hope you like my pic

Waiting for the sun to set at Karumba Point in Gulf country, North Queensland,
 photo Kathy C 

Man by the fire, photo Hugh Brown who writes 
‘Happy memories for me and many other grey nomads who have lived the dream.'

Lily by Rene Martens who writes……
 My wife Janet has had to visit some family and I have been left to look after the garden (both veggies and flowers) and she has actually missed the first Lily bloom. There are quite a few extra buds so I am hoping that 1) I don't kill any (lol) and 2) that she gets back home in time.

Photographer Jody Burges writes ……pretty bird on my balcony this afternoon and asks, is it a dove? 
 No, it’s a Crested Pigeon