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Monday, January 9, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

 Rainbow Bee-eater youngster in sunset light
By Jan Martin  

There are actually 30-40 Rainbow Bee-eater (Merops ornatus) youngsters cavorting around Blatherskite Park Showgrounds horse paddock, Alice Springs, at the moment.  It is great fun to try and photograph them landing and taking off from this fence in some incredibly gorgeous light around sunset.

 The island roads are closed on Christmas Island...Crabs rule
Time to put our walking boots on...the island roads are closed...Crabs rule.

Where are the cockatoos?

Shoot the chef
Camp cook bakes some scones on Central Queensland cattle station for the mustering team.

By Bruce who writes

Taken on a secret stretch of the Upper Williams River, NSW. It’s not the photograph that’s important, but the place itself. Having shared so many great memories at and along this stretch of river with my best mate, who I sadly lost in a car accident the day before his 21st birthday, this place holds an enormous amount of mixed emotion and reflection.  In the photograph, is a good friend who stands on a falling log strewn across the crystal-clear river, the log used to arc and stretch across the river where a paddle swing once hung. It's the last days of winter and I think we both must be thinking that the warmer months aren’t too far away and not long till we spend the heat of the day with a tinny in hand in the river, always with the thought of how lucky we actually are.