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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

By Marilyn vanderbyl 

Climbing Red Springs Hill in the Stirling Range of WA, photo Genevieve Milnes 

Photographer Lynn Webb writes…

It was evident from the radar that there was to be some serious weather events around the Goldfields today. So why not head out to a favourite location?
There were flies, it was hot and it was a hard slog to the top, followed by a couple of hours to wait for the cell to arrive – if it would at all.
But it did, but nothing really gelled, just one of those brain fade days for putting things together. 
A hurriedly setup to put a camera out in the tempest, toiling away on its own intervalometer; a ten second exposure every two seconds, and I eventually snagged this one. A worthwhile day after all. 

Sunrise from the top of Mount Wellington overlooking Hobart, photo Andrew Leggett

Python Pool, WA by coglapofoz 

Wet Koala, photo by Russell Latter who writes…The photo was taken at 3pm on Wednesday 14th September 2016 on Old Carey Gully Road in Stirling. I found this wild koala sitting in the road.

He was surrounded by flood waters and so i guided him over a bridge he then went over to the fence post and climbed to the top where the photo was taken.

He then climbed down the other side and walked across a shallow flooded area to a nearby gum tree. He climbed to the top and settled down on a branch for a much earned rest. I went back to check on him today and he was in a nearby tree and snoozing and looking much dryer. So a good story with a happy ending.