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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Mt Buffalo Chalet

We took our son to the snow for the first time. While he was playing in the snow I had a wander around and saw this awesome shot. Perfect conditions and nice snow cover made for a perfect photo of the Chalet.

 Silvereye in my backyard
 By davetomo 

At My Door By Marion Williams 

'Our' Owlett Nightjar (Ageothles Crisoptus) has been living in his bird box for years.  Perhaps it is not he, but a lady friend. He or she barks a little bark at night when out and about, and occasionally during the day when it pops out of a man made nest to see the world. There one minute, gone the next.

Hard Yakka.
By Cynthia 

I took this photograph during a visit to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Gold Coast.  This bloke showed amazing skill and great fitness during this sheep shearing demonstration, which had the audience totally captivated.  A very physically hard way to earn a living! 

Mustering and Branding
By GirlfromtheBush who writes

"The Camp" muster for this round normally lasts 5 days. Four days to muster the creeks, one of which is mustered twice and two creeks are done on the second last day by sending a couple of people up one creek and a couple down the other.
This photo was taken from the back of my horse on the second last day. We always steady the cows and calves out from the holding paddock to ensure the calves are mothered and to maintain herd manageability.
This year long hot days were endured, at a guess every day was at least 40C, with the day we mustered Serocold Creek being well in the mid forties. We are lucky that mustering Serocold only takes half a day giving the cattle (plus humans and dogs) plenty of time to cool down.
Every muster is different, and every year I learn my way better, and every year I appreciate just how lucky I am to have this experience a little bit more.
Published 24 Jan 2014.  Rolleston QLD 4702

Grey Shrike Thrush - my spiritual friend
She perched so delicately on the cactus,
welcoming the morning,
the smell of fresh brewed coffee
and the company of my spiritual friend.
Published 25 May 2014.  Wyndham NSW 2550