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Monday, January 23, 2017

Why was Demitrious Gargasoulas out on bail?

It's almost too bizarre to be true.  But an out-of-hours bail justice, with no legal experience, was responsible for allowing killer Demitrious Gargasoulas out on bail.

Yes, you heard right.  He/she was a volunteer - someone who works for free yet had the power to send this maniac back on the street.

And yesterday we watched, sick to the stomach, as Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews - the man responsible for this outrage - lay flowers at the site of the massacre.

Daniel Andrews

And then the premier made an announcement that was so lame, it was laughable.  He said that an after-hours magistrates court will handle bail matter from now on, and volunteer justices will no longer be used.


What does it say about a state premier who allows inexperienced volunteers, with no legal experience, to do such an important job in the first place?

It wouldn't have anything to do with saving money, would it?