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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Doctor promises disability pension for sex

From Dr Alkazli's website 

Dr Hassan Alkazali is a male GP and Skin Cancer Physician in Glenroy, VIC who speaks Arabic and English.

It’s alleged that Dr Hassan Alkazli, a Melbourne GP, promised a vulnerable female patient he would arrange for her to receive the disability pension in return for sex.  He attempted to coach her on how to go about it -  he would simply refer her to a psychologist and she would say she had schizophrenia, even though he knew she didn't have it.  
He’s accused of sending her text messages including “but good dr needs good girl to play with” ……. “do you want to be mine” …… “U will get u form done perfectly good regardless u answer” ……. “U will get pension for sure”   “….I am asking if u want nice guy for casual sex very secretly”…..”...."Doesn’t matter my dear…I will use everything to get u pension.”
A Victorian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal panel recently found the female patient's complaints against Glenroy-based Dr Hassan Alkazali were proven and constituted four counts of professional misconduct, and his fate will be decided next month.
So what was his reaction when he was originally accused?
Dr Alkazali claimed the text conversations had been edited and the woman must be having “another psychotic episode.”
Initially, the woman went to see him for a medical certificate asking for a couple of weeks off work to deal with a personal problem.  It’s alleged he then suggested she should go on the disability pension and he could make this happen but he wanted sex in return.
"Dr Alkazali said that he would have to send the woman to a psychologist and that she should tell the psychologist that she had schizophrenia, 'just make up anything' as you have to have a disability or you cannot get the pension," a relative of the woman said in evidence.
Although the complaint was received in mid 2013, this doctor with countless complaints lodged against him going back to 2008, is still practising.  Why?
"AHPRA and the Medical Board of Australia  are confident that they are appropriately exercising their functions under the National Law to keep the public and patients safe," a spokeswoman for AHPRA and the Board said.
 Dr Alkazali declined to comment.

 His case returns to VCAT for a hearing on final determination on February 22.