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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

Dingoes - amazing animals, nothing like dogs

Johnny Banjo at Glass Water Creek, Litchfield Station
Mr Banjo is a Maramanindji man who lives at Nauiyu Nambiyu, with his wife and two grown-up sons. He has spent his working life as a stockman on cattle stations in the Daly River region. He is the Traditional Owner of country to the south-west of Nauiyu Nambiyu.  Some 40 years ago, Mr Banjo was attacked by a saltwater crocodile while swimming across the Daly River. He survived by plunging his forefingers into the crocodile’s eyes. A deep scar on his forehead is a permanent reminder of his narrow escape.

Night shift

By binjy who writes

She sits on a post alongside an old walnut tree - all the muted shades suggesting Winter . 
It IS Winter , and she is TYTO ALBA, a barn owl . She hunts mice and other creatures of the night , swooping silently on wings which beat softly . 
We are fortunate that she has chosen our yard in which to rest ,and for someone addicted to the capturing of images, her position near the house a few days ago was just magic .

The Lens & the Brush
Gundars Eglentals is a well-known artist around the Sunshine Coast Hinterland area. He can often be seen near Mary Cairncross Park on a Sunday with his easel and palette capturing our beautiful Glasshouse Mountains.   My image shows him at work as well as his subject and his art.