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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Today's ABC Open photos

The joy of birds in your garden By Anne
This is a Western Spinebill tasting nectar from a Grevillia plant in our garden. Providing bird attracting plants in your garden provides a food source for the birds and gives pleasure to everyone who can observe the interaction of the birds with nature.

Sun Rays By Dee Hartin ·  ·
Just after sunrise and the fog was still hanging around enough to produce these beautiful rays through the trees at Casino.

Rainbow Lorikeet By Mitch Forrester 

A pair of Powerful Owls reaffirming their bond by preening one another. These are Australia's largest owl (Ninox strenua) 
By faunagraphic_ 

A bloody big Huntsman” by Wildman_photo

Photographer Annette Hobbs writes ...I saw this King Protea today on the Mornington Peninsula