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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Michael Geering, Mortgage broker

Michael Geering

Michael Geering has been arrested for drug dealing.  Undercover police allege he made 63 cocaine deals from his Coogee apartment and arranged delivery to customers via text message, over the Christmas party period.

Court documents show that one customer texted "Please mate, I promised them some beers at our Christmas lunch."  The word "beers" was the code name for cocaine.

So it's clear that some of the eastern suburbs beautiful people weren't satisfied with a few cold ones and some bubbly during their festive celebrations, they needed something more.

Geering buried his face in his hands as the court heard he had been watched by undercover police for weeks and had also tapped his phones.

It's alleged that when police searched his apartment, they found several mobile phones, scales, small clip-seal bags and $42,650 in cash.

His barrister Ben Clark told magistrate Ian McRae that Geering intended to plead not guilty.  His client was a self-employed mortgage broker and his girlfriend's publicity work meant they had access to plenty of money.  "I have been instructed that they will be able to show this money came from lawful means."

Good luck with that.

The case is adjourned until later this month.